Back on the ‘Get Fit’ bandwagon

I can’t remember exactly how long ago it was now but I once made a post about me getting fit and becoming more healthy… well to say that was a fail is a bit of an understatement. Nothing at all changed, I started working out a bit at night but soon got lazy and bored and finally gave up on the whole idea. But with almost 10 weeks off I have decided that if I don’t start doing a regular activity I am going to lose my marbles! So I have decided that to try and keep that tiny shred of sanity I have left, I will start eating less and healthier, begin to workout and take one of the dogs for a walk every night. I also plan to try and blog more because damn this is fun!

The whole working out part of my new state of mind is mostly down to the fact that I really do not like my body all that much and I want to change that. That means that I am not working out for anyone else other than myself, which is what I feel making a change should be about – for yourself and your own personal happiness.

The eating less and healthier is due to the fact that food just isn’t as appealing to me as it used to be. I still like food but not in the same way as I used to. Eating 2 rows of chocolate just doesn’t have the same appeal or eating half a container of Ben & Jerry’s would probably make me want to throw up right about now. For example I used to hate water; hate it with a passion. But now days I try to drink more of that than I do coke or Pepsi. Water is the shizzle.

When it comes to walking one of the dogs I have a feeling it will have to be Archie. Archie is our oldest and is the calmest of them all. He is kinda perfect for taking a nice long walk with. Also I can’t really just say to my parents that I’m going out for a walk since they’ll think I’m up to something so taking a dog out seems like the perfect excuse to just have some true alone time.

*Time Change*

Okay so I began to write this last night, and since then I have actually taken Archie out for a walk! Now to most this would seem like nothing in particular and would be rather a trivial thing to write about but for me that is a pretty awesome thing. The last time I walked one of my dogs was around 9 months ago or more and to walk one of them again felt nice. To be honest I feel like if I hadn’t had to take Archie home I would have just wanted to keep on walking. I’d of walked until I physically couldn’t any more because just leaving the house and spending some time with my thoughts made a world of difference to my day.

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂

2015-07-03 16.53.12
A leisurely stroll with Archibald (Sounds like an awesome band name… dibs)

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