Being 16

I know what your thinking, here we go again another teenager complaining at how hard life is for them. Incorrect. Personally for me life is pretty god damn great as a teenager, I get to sit in my room all day on my computer doing nothing in particular other than scrolling through Tumblr, watching Youtube and looking at my favourite people on the internet. There is my problem with being a teenager. I sit at home and do nothing all day and then when it comes to me having to sleep at night I can’t because I cannot help but feel that my life has an emptiness to it.

You see I tell myself I know what I want to do, I tell myself that I want to go and be a video games developer and create video games for a living. Then there is a minuscule part of me that says “You’re lying to yourself. No you don’t. You want to make youtube videos for a living and do a job that you enjoy!”. That is the truth. I want to make a living doing a job that I enjoy not one where I am going home and regretting it every day of my life.

It’s fun to be 16, you get to make great memories with your friends and you get all new experiences opening up for you and I feel it’s a time where you begin to really find yourself. But on the other hand those new experiences are daunting and scary to most 16 year olds, and being 16 means taking exams that are going to mean a lot in terms of the rest of your life. That is a lot of pressure for us but I’m not saying that our pressure gives us the right to be ticked off all the time; it doesn’t. It does give us the right to want a few more minutes enjoying being a child before we are to be thrust into the world of work and being screwed over.

Many people think that being given new opportunities is good and yeah it is but for me it just makes my head a harder place to live in. All the time I’m questioning what I’m doing, what people might think of me and where the hell am I going to end up. To all of those questions my answer is a shoulder shrug and an “I dunno.”.

For all of you 15 year olds reading this… which I’m sure there aren’t many as most would be too cool to read a blog post:

Being 16 is great. Being 16 sucks. 

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Being 16

  1. I really like your blog and tbh i think we spend are days in very similar situations aha! You’re so true to yourself and i think thats great, me and my friend have a blog about teen life and all its trimings too if you want to check it out!

    1. Was just about to check out your blog, but it said it was deleted 😦 anyway thanks for the support, hope you enjoy the posts 😀

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