Growing up and the pursuit of happiness

Recently I celebrated my 16th birthday and it didn’t feel like a whole year had passed from when I was turning 15. But this time, I don’t know if it was because the number I turned or just circumstantial, it felt more grown up. I had a GCSE exam the day of my birthday so got my presents after school and when I received them we sat on the couch and I did not only receive video games but I also received a piece of art – my first proper piece of art that I would be happy to hang on my wall. Maybe it is how I handled this birthday that made me feel just that tiny bit older, that tiny bit more mature.

Over the past few months in fact probably longer that that, I have been going online with my school friends to play games. Now I have done that for 2 years almost every day but about a month ago I stopped going online and I instantly felt happier. I got to do the things I wanted for the first time in ages, I got to watch my TV shows without staying up till 12 to do so, I got to play the video games I wanted to without feeling guilty, I got to just mindlessly browse Tumblr and listen to my music as loud as I could without disturbing anyone. It was like some weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I realised that I had been going online just for their happiness and not for mine. And so that is why, today though I made this change many weeks ago, I have decided that the things I now do in life will be for my own happiness and not the others around me that would not return the favour. Whether that happiness be short term or long term, I plan to make sure the things I do really are for me and not for other people.

I’ve gotten back into writing again since I’ve had these few weeks away from being online and I’ve found myself making many others changes. These can be as simple as making sure I put bin bags in my rubbish bin or it can be me deciding to sell my guitar to get myself more money or applying for a weekend job. These changes are all for the better, however big or small they may be.

Another change I’ve made, or more of decided upon, is that I plan to and I am unsure when this will happen but I plan to try my hand at live streaming on Twitch. It might be a bit of a slow laborious process at first but I’m sure the benefits will out way the bad parts in the end. I will also be adding a bucket-list to this blog, because however many times I may write this down, I now plan to really try my hardest with this blog and write the things I want to write and make sure I at least put out one post a week maybe more.

It is the pursuit of happiness, not the spoon feeding.

So that’s really all that’s been going on lately, just decisions being made and exams being taken.

Thanks for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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