Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie Review)

On the 25/4/15, I found myself arriving at Boston cinema to go and see the newest Avengers film – in 3D. I was definitely excited. I’m not the biggest Marvel fan in the world, I don’t watch the TV series S.H.I.E.L.D since most of their members I cannot stand but I do enjoy watching Marvel films.

Upon coming out of the film I was so amazed, I absolutely loved watching it and thought it was one of the best films I’d seen that year. After around about a month of reflection I realised that yes it is a good film, but no it is not the best film of the year. There has been quite some hate on the whole Black Widow situation (no spoilers) and I still fail to see what everyone hated so much – it was nice to see her open up.

I still love this film and think it is a very good one, but Big Hero 6 still claims top spot for my personal favourite film of the year so far.

Sorry this review is so darn late, exams started shortly after I started writing this and ever since I have been juggling free time and revision and had no real time for writing. Thank you for reading this, I know it’s rather a short one but I am planning on writing something a bit bigger soon.

Thanks for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂



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