Annie (2014) (Movie Review)

So today I was going to make a post about school and Far Cry 4 but last night I watched Annie (2014) and I have never wanted to make a review so badly. Normally I make it a rule of thumb not to review movies that I don’t go to the cinema to watch but this is one hell of an exception.

Annie (1982) with Albert Finney, Tim Curry and Carol Burnett is my all time favourite film and is a film I used to watch every Sunday with my dog Dexter until he died last year. Since the Sunday before his death I haven’t watched it. I have always been a fan of musicals just for the sheer fact that they take of a hella load of stress and seriousness of life. This is my favourite of them all. Something about it makes me laugh and cry simultaneously for completely different reasons.

But onto the 2014 edition. So the 1999 one annoyed me and after a few minutes of watching I switched off and turned on the 1982 original. I was expecting a similar affect with this edition too. On the contrary though, I was grinning from ear to ear from the very start to the very end – tears were also rolling down my cheeks but all the same I was smiling. This film is brilliant. It gives a perfect modern spin on an amazing classic, the songs have that familiar feel about them but are also changed to suit the generation. And being awfully honest I didn’t go five minutes after watching this film before bringing up the soundtrack on Spotify and saving it! Jamie Foxx really does have an amazing voice that I’d only ever heard in the film Rio before, and his acting is just as good. Quvenzhané Wallis does such a good job as Annie and I was pleasantly surprised by her singing ability. There are obviously many other very good actors in this film, though I do not have the time to comment on them all.

This film is absolutely a good watch and something I recommend to anyone, even my 53 year old father wants to watch this film. It’s a family fun film that really does make you smile, laugh and cry a tiny bit (or a lot in my case).

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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