Taken 3 (Movie review)

Back in January the third Taken movie came out. Now the first one was a major success, the second one a slight bit less and this one… well. It wasn’t a bad film, not at all. It had the same old Taken formula in it and the same action movie formula that we are used to – so nothing really different to what you would expect.

The film was good, not my favourite of the year but good all the same, it had some good old fashioned exploding cars, the same old ditching the police and the normal happy-ish ending. It also had a twist towards the end of it which was fun to see. So in general this film was your everyday action film and if that is what you like then do go and watch it because it is exactly what it says on the tin. But personally I preferred Big Hero 6 which is my favourite film of the year so far, not just because it is a kids movie but because it gave me a emotional response to the characters and the plot.

As always Liam Neeson gave a good performance as Bryan Mills but the film just felt like they were reusing the same idea as the two past films had and were not succeeding well at all with doing that. I do sincerely hope that this is the last Taken film, which might actually give us some proof that big name Hollywood film companies know when to quit with a series before they kill it completely.

Thank you for reading this review, sorry it is late (homework got in the way) and I’ll see you in the next post 🙂


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