My shameful return to blogging

*Walks in with tail between legs* So I took a break… what felt like a really long bloody break to be honest. But I needed it. After Christmas and all of what happened last year I wanted to get things sorted out with my self before I started writing again. Writing, not only these posts, used to bring me a lot of joy and I used to be very happy when I wrote a new chapter of my fanfiction or started a new story idea off. But over the past few months it just seemed like someone was twisting my arm every time I had to write.

In the past few days I’ve had urges to write more, urges to be a bit more productive and start doing the things I loved again. That may be due to my trip to Wales (that I promise to write up). The fresh air and walking were amazing and I kind of really miss it now I’m back to my routine of sitting in front of my computer for 4 plus hours a day. Of course maybe it’s also that while I’ve had this half term off I’ve been able to forget I even went to school and live more how I wanted too – sitting around playing games and doing what I wanted to do.

But. All of that can be put into another post. Now I want to say that I am sorry for not writing and it’s really kinda bugged me that I haven’t been writing. I’m glad to be back, and have plans to make sure I write a post each week about something or another.

Thank you for reading, and later tonight I plan to do a review of Taken 3 so that should be up as well before the morning. See you in the next post 🙂



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