Winter Is Here

This morning I had the great pleasure of stepping out of my house to see snow developing on the ground. The sun was just rising over the houses in my street and the ground had a soft look about it. It was rather a great feeling. Winter is my favourite time of year for 4 reasons:

– You get to cuddle without sweating on the person you are cuddling with

– I get to see the dogs reacting to snow and in little jackets

– The cold is much easier to deal with than the heat. I can just pile on layers until I can’t feel the cold but when you are sat in an ice bath, with a fan on and naked you  can hardly peel your skin off to get any colder

– We picked up Dexter on Boxing Day 2005

Also I’m a freak and I love cold sheets.

With the arrival of winter also comes the deadlines for both coursework and mock exams.Our mock exams have now been under way for a week and I can fully say that I seem to be getting out of school at 5:00 feeling more tired than I ever have before. Between staying for intervention every night at IT, talking to Callum and bonding with the pups my time is pretty much spent. No time for PS3 or simple luxuries as reading. Nope. It’s revising, Callum, pups and bed. Then repeat… every day. It becomes rather boring and repetitive but after Christmas I am dearly hoping for some kind of change.

As most who read my blog will know, I am rather a fan of movies and December seems to be my favourite time for them. This Sunday I am off to see the new Hobbit and in a few weeks after that I am off to see the new Annie (one that I am waiting to see more than anything else), both of which I am very excited to be seeing. Normally I would spend most of my money on games but as the price in them has gone up so much that if I want to buy three that takes around £120 out of my pocket – which is a lot of saving – I have taken to spending more money going to the cinemas than normal. In no way am I complaining, going to the cinema is hella fun!

I hope everyone is having a good start to December, it’s only 14 days till Christmas now. See you next post 🙂

Not my town because I can’t take good photos, but one similar to mine

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