Year 11, starting a diary and academics


Today is Sunday and I find myself sat at home, in my PJ’s because I spilt curry on my jeans and I can’t wear anything else, and I also find myself sat with history homework in front of me that was supposed to be in on Friday and spanish homework that is in for tomorrow. This is generally how my weekends go these days, doing homework that is overdue or homework in for the next day. Actually that’s kind of how my whole week goes apart from I’m mostly doing it while trying to also play League of Legends. Now the reason as too why I am playing League of Legends for around 4 hours or more a day? Well that’s quite simple really. A boy. Ahh isn’t everything these days about a boy. Well yes I guess it is but this one is a tiny bit different than any of my other endeavours to get a boy. This boy is rather different in the fact that he’s never had a girlfriend before and isn’t looking for one. Now I hear you ask why would you go after someone who doesn’t want a partner? Well it’s because I’m stupid. And am pretty much prepared to stay up till stupid o’clock if it means I get to speak to him.

Enough with the teen angst already. I found that now after a few months in year 11 we are barrelling head first into the middle of November which is hard to believe since in 2 months or less we’ll be in 2015 and once again another year will be over. To be honest I really can’t wait for this one to be over. But today I decided to start a diary. A diary that will consist of a quote, the date and any thoughts or feelings I feel when sitting down to write it. I feel that this might take some pressure out off my mind since all I seem to be worrying about is boys, games and money so being able to confide in something should help me out quite a bit. Also since I have no one to actually tell without coming off as whinny a book to tell it all too will make me… seem just as sad as ever but oh well.

A few nights ago a friend of mine said something to me that made me kind of mad. They said “I might be better than you at maths and science but you are better than me at geography.” Now that made me mad because it wasn’t so long ago that I was a high level in maths and thought of to be one of the brightest. But I let that slip. And the reason I did this was because I’ve seen what being academically smart does to some really good people and I do not want to be like that. It turns them into cocky pricks that constantly undermine you if you get a few marks off of them or if you can’t perform as well as them. But they never say “Well done.” or “That’s a good result.” even if it isn’t which I’ve found myself doing as a courtesy and as an honest remark. Instead they go “Ha” or “Really?”. which kind of makes me want to grab their head and smash it open on the nearest wall, devour their brain and say “Not so smart now mother fucker.” But I am not some hunky bad ass so instead I grimace, laugh it off and think of 100 different ways to kill them.

So that is currently pretty much my day to day happenings… not all that interesting really. But I’m ever so much trying to make myself better when it comes to updating this blog and keeping up with the whole diary thing. Whatever it takes I want to be able to write on this blog at least once a month. And also I need a kick in the backside when it comes to updating my fanfiction because god damn it I am being one slow bit of ass at the moment.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you next post 🙂



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