Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Movie review)

So it’s been many months since I’ve done a movie review or posted. I could blame it on school and coursework and year 11 but the real reason is I’ve pretty much been playing League of Legends every waking moment I can.

But I’ve had my morning LoL session so now I will sit down and write about the film I saw yesterday afternoon.

A few weeks ago my mum turned 51 so to celebrate my dad booked us tickets to go and see the film with the world’s longest fucking title. Yes that was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. To be honest I was most excited for the popcorn but as I sat down to watch the film, after the lengthy adverts I actually began to enjoy it. It’s not an action packed thriller like Godzilla, it’s not a crude comedy like A Million Ways To Die In The West but it is a family fun film. It also had some moments that myself and the adults enjoyed which the young children did not understand such as the the Cowboys at the end of the film… a personal highlight for myself. Throughout the film there were laughs to be had, moments of sadness and moments were my dad had to cover his mouth and nose to stop himself from snorting – just like when the baby started eating the green highlighter.

There are actually moments in this film that you can turn to your parents and have a laugh about, relate your own situations to or threaten them with ‘If you ever do that I’ll disown you’, which is a nice change from most of the films that we watch in the era. I found myself enjoying this film more than I thought I would and so am very glad that I went to watch it. Next up on the list of films to go see is The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies and Annie – both of which I am awfully excited to go and watch.

Thank you for reading not only this post but everyone who read my post before hand since I’ve now been on wordpress for a whole year. I hope you enjoyed reading, please go and see this film with your family if you are looking for a film to watch.

See you next post 🙂


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