Headphones and Mobiles

Headphones are something I go through very often. This is a weird topic to write about but I really couldn’t help it. So after almost a year of owning this wonderful pair of headphones… they died. I was so distraught! I have had a longer relationship with a pair of headphones than an actual boy… oh dear.

But last week I went shopping with my mother for clothing (my yearly shop) and I found £2 headphones and threw them in the basket. I got them home and they were awful; they scratched my ears, weren’t as full sounding as my old ones and just weren’t the same. But they were headphones and the only way I survived was through my headphones.

Now I am known for having quite the temper on me and when I got very heated at a phone I would have had for two years in October, it didn’t end well for the phone. I threw my phone behind me and just because I am the luckiest person in the world my phone hit the side of my bedside table and shattered… literally I couldn’t see the screen any more. Leaving me phone less. And sure it was old and slow (S3) but not having a phone made me miss having one. My parents went out and bought me another S3, out of my own money that were savings, but I had a phone again. It wasn’t the latest and it didn’t have the newest technology but it was a phone and I appreciated having one again. I realised that having the latest phone no longer mattered to 15 year old me where it was the only thing that matter to 13 year old me. I only care now for PC’s and consoles.

So with a new phone comes new headphones 🙂 and like a kid in a toy shop I was so excited but I managed to tell myself that I should use my crappy ones to their full potential and then use the nice, shiny new ones. That lasted a week. Tonight I was watching a TheRadBrad video and couldn’t stand it any longer. I ripped open the new box and grabbed the headphones and vowed that I will only use them at home.

Now my ears are in fucking heaven. I find myself listening to Addicted To Love in Samsung headphones and happily dancing in my chair. I love my music, and I love my headphones. And having just watched the film ‘Zombieland’; #32 Enjoy the little things

Thank you for reading this lame story about my star crossed love for headphones, and yes… left and right is the most crucial thing to get right! See you next post 🙂


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