R.I.P Robin Williams

Nothing really is so final as death but somehow it brings us all together. Browsing through my dashboard on tumblr in the past hour has been one hell of a fucking roller-coaster. It went from anything from gaming pictures, to fanfiction to videos but now it seems like everyone is reblogging and posting about the sudden news that beloved actor Robin Williams has passed. The people I follow are each of them diverse and different but it has brought every single person together on that website, mourning together and sharing memories.

A great shock for everyone and as I sit here typing this I feel a sudden overwhelming feeling to comment on the fact that this time last week he was alive but we always take for granted when people are there, it’s when they’re gone and we can’t get them back that we really realise how much we’ll miss them. We won’t get to see him star in a new movie, make us laugh in an all new way or play our favourite characters.

So maybe we should go back and remember the roles he played that made us laugh, smile and cry. He was an actor that touched every generation. We have seen to many good people pass in these past four years so I ask how many of these amazing people passing will it take before we start recognising people for what they are… human beings. Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Cory Monteith and Robin Williams. Incredible people gone before their time. But they were just human and they suffered just like we do. Just because they were famous, does not mean they do not feel hurt, pain, depression and weakness.

Thank you for being a part of my childhood, watching those good classics won’t be the same knowing you aren’t in the world any more.


“To die would be a grand adventure” – Robin Williams as Peter Pan in Hook


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