Movie reviews

This is about a month or two over due but here they are… sorry for the wait.


Having never seen a Godzilla film before I went to the cinema having high hopes. I was not let down. Godzilla was really everything I expected it to be, fight scenes with giant monsters in giant cities. The CGI was amazing and the acting was darn good. Also I have to say, though I guess it’s not supposed to be a emotional film technically, the first 10-20 minutes with the guy’s wife made me feel pretty damn sad. Of course I was a slight bit distracted in the film, blame Joseph, but the film was a very good all round fast paced film that I’d recommend to anyone who just wanted a film to watch.

A Million Ways To Die In The West:

This is a film I have followed the progress of for a year… I was very excited to finally be seeing it and am very glad I went to see it. Though I read many reviews before going, with my mum, and a lot of critics reviews said the humour was bad and definitely was not a film to see also some of the scenes that were going to happen had me worried and may cause embarrassment in front of my mum. Upon seeing it myself I can say that my mum probably laughed more than I did. Though I laughed a lot. It was fucking hilarious. The humour was, sure, a little bit ‘boyish’ but what did anyone expect from the guy who created Family Guy and Ted and sang ‘We saw your boobs’ at the god damn Oscars? Every time there was a death I’d look over and see my mum laughing like crazy! I recommend this film to anyone who wants a film to laugh at and just have fun watching, I personally think that A Million Ways To Die In The West was better than Ted and having watched it at the cinema I have already watched it again while at home.

If you want a few good films to watch I recommend these two, thank you for reading and see you next post 🙂


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