It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here, I’ve tried and tried and have many drafts to prove so but couldn’t bring myself to press the publish button. So what’s the newest news in my life? Well I got myself a boyfriend, I celebrated my 15th birthday last month and my parents bought me a 3DS for it 🙂 we had our half term holiday where I went to see Godzilla with my boyfriend and A Million Ways To Die In The West with my mum (movie reviews will be posted on Tuesday) both films were amazing and I laughed so hard throughout AMWTDITW.

So to break it down I’ve had an awesome month of May. But 29/5/14 bought devastating news to my bedroom. As anyone who has read my previous posts will know I own 4 rats… well owned 4 rats. Asa died on that Thursday in the half term holidays. Words really cannot describe how much I miss him… in fact how much everyone misses him. He was buried last Sunday in our garden and throughout the weeks I’ve had random moments of ‘He’s gone, I won’t ever see him again’ thoughts. In a way this is a celebration post, not only of my birthday but the celebration of baby Asa falling asleep in his food bowl to Asa who got stuck in a cargo net because he dropped his cheese.

The thought that really scared me the most was this ‘I’ll never see him eating, running about, nibbling my ear when I don’t pay attention or trying to fit in the food bowl; like he was able to at 14 weeks old’. So, as most of my posts do this one has a meaning. Value every moment you ever have with someone. Whether it be a pet, a friend, a family member or a partner make sure you make the most of them because one day they’ll be gone and then we have to work to make sure our memories of them do not leave us too.

I hope you have had a good month of May, I noticed a sudden increase of views on here… thank you so much, just seeing one view makes me very excited and seeing more than that makes me make a sort of gurgle type noise….

I hope you enjoyed this, see you next post

Asa asleep in bowl

RIP Asa 21/12/12-29/5/14


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