It’s the Easter holidays here right now and still the first week off for me. Most people are awaiting Easter eggs which I am very excited about but I’m more looking forward to the fact that I still have a week and 4 days off which means I can catch up on Games of Thrones, Hannibal, Supernatural, Arrested Development and start reading more – over the holidays I may have become obsessed with John Green books… I’m on my second which is Paper Towns and will next be reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

Though I also have homework to do, I plan to put that on the back burner, meaning when I feel like doing some homework I’ll do some but I don’t plan to sit at my desk for hours doing homework… I plan to sit at my desk for hours watching shows, browsing Tumblr and trying to finish Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (which is my favourite of the series) 🙂

Of course I spent the smallest amount of time on Facebook which I find to be a pointless site that I only keep my account for playing Plants vs Zombies and The Walking Dead. But as I scrolled down my news feed at 2 am I saw just how many people had gone on holiday – around half of my year at least – and some people have gone to Australia and fantastic places and although some are grateful most are not. Those ‘most’ see it as a given right that they must go on holiday at least twice a year where as some find it a luxury. I haven’t been on holiday in 6 years, which I am not complaining about. My parents don’t have enough money too and I do prefer to be at home most of the time. Sure I’d like to go back to America but I’d rather wait and go on one big holiday that I’m looking forward too rather than 6 ones that I wasn’t so thrilled about going on.

Also to add-on to the fact that I’m reading Paper Towns I’ve also been reading reviews on it and I have to say… some of the reviews make it seem shocking which I can’t help but agree with so far. I can’t stand the character of Margo Roth Spiegelman who annoys me so much just on the fact that she treats Quentin like a dick but also I feel Q is a dick for following her around though she probably wouldn’t follow him if he got into trouble – just a 130 page-in judgement. I will obviously read the book to the end and just like all the books I start, whether it takes me a year to finish them, with stops and starts and 3 month gaps, I’ll always finish them in the end.

I do hope the Easter holidays become a refreshing break and not a break where my homework begins to worry me… which I can feel it beginning to do. I hope everyone on holiday is enjoying it, and see you next post 🙂

Just typed in ‘Easter’ on google images …

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