The Fault In Our Stars (book)

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

My review of The Fault In Our Stars will not be the first but it won’t be the last either. I believe, that just like The Hobbit it will be a book marvelled at and I can tell you this… cried at. I have never cried at a book before and I really couldn’t help crying at this one . Somehow John Green writes characters that you fall in love with, be it their charm, their looks or their beautiful personality everyone falls in love with those characters.

I already knew the ending. I managed to dodge what happened even though I wasn’t reading the book and was on Tumblr until my friend ran up to me and screamed “*MASSIVE SPOILER SO I WON’T BE A DICK AND RUIN IT*” And then I knew that even when I started to read the book, my mind would already be shattered before I got to know the characters.

When I had a free day off because NUT teachers decided to strike, my dad was off to Spalding so I grabbed him before he went and asked him to pick up a copy of The Fault In Our Stars and when he got back he threw a bag at me and went off into the kitchen to feed the dogs while I jumped around like a child. Then I got down to reading. One week and three days later I have finished the book and cannot describe how I felt as I sat on the floor reading those last few words.

It is a beautiful book about a girl name Hazel and a boy named Augustus. Hazel has cancer while Augustus did have cancer which left him with a prosthetic leg. It sounds like a cliché book but it really isn’t and it will make you well up with feelings. The film I am not yet sure about, but I will give it a chance when I see it with my friends in June whether that be before or after we see The Purge 2 (which I am so excited about!)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and have a lovely day. One thing I can guarantee is that on May 30th, after I get home I’ll be sat here writing about A Million Ways To Die In The West the film! 🙂


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