A Million Ways To Die In The West (book)

Last weekend I took a trip to get DofE equipment with my mum and to cut a long story short I got books. Three and they cost me £24 which is over 6 weeks of saving. Also my mother embarrassed us both in a book store so WHSmith is another place I can cross off from my list of places I can visit.

Anyway I got the book of a new film that hits cinemas in May called A Million Ways To Die In The West or AMWTDITW for short. Now I adored Ted so when I heard that one of my idols was coming out with a new movie I followed it from the day it was announced over a year ago.

I finished the book exactly a week after I started it and when it was finished; I found myself instantly wanting to restart it again. Never have I actually laughed while reading a book. This is a book that I can guarantee is a laugh from start to finish and had me going ‘awww’ at the ending lines. I fell in love with the characters of Anna and Albert and I kind of want a sheep like Bridget… a retarded sheep that gets stuck on the roof a lot.

Though it is nothing like Lords of The Rings which I am also reading, it is a refreshing book that you do not have to have complete silence and concentration to read. It is a light read that captivates you.

Definitely my favourite book to have been released this year, and once I have read everything I want to AMWTDITW will be a book I pick up again, re-read and re-read until I know it from start to finish. I cannot wait for the film and hope it makes me laugh as much as the book did, though I’m sure it will.

A Million Ways To Die In The West by Seth MacFarlane

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