I’m back and with Opportunity

So I noticed that I haven’t really posted anything since Coriolanus, which was back in the start of February. I’m back now and hoping to post as often as possible, but I have written about 4 drafts in the past month and a bit and none of them have been posted… it’s mostly because I’ve been busy with exams and I’m being a lazy ass!

I just got back from a sleepover at my friend’s house and it reminded me how I could do so much more. I just got an opportunity given to me by my ICT teacher, who I’d never tell this to, but he is my favourite teacher – big headed jerk! But he gave me an opportunity to get a team together and design a game and if it won then a company would make it. Chances of us winning aren’t high but oh well.

Then in my English lesson, my teacher looked at my short story for my GCSE Lit and said “This would be so good as a full book or a film.” and for once I realised that though I love reading I have more of a passion for writing.

This is when I really began to think, maybe I should start doing things like this. I’m entering the competition for ICT and writing up my short story in the hope I can make it into a book some day – then maybe I could be a director…. I dunno! That seems a high task to achieve.

This story was more of an excuse for me to tell you all what’s been going on and also to just say I am back and so glad you followed me. I am a person who really does appreciate people who follow this blog, so for the 14 that currently follow me I thank you because you really do make me happy when I see ‘…. has followed your blog’. It’s like someone’s actually wanting to read the stuff you post and that’s really awesome.

See you next post, thanks for reading



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