So being a massive Tom Hiddleston fan I decided to go along and see the live broadcast of Coriolanus in Peterborough last Thursday. I can say that though I was a fan of Shakespeare and Tom before hand I am now ever more in love with the pair. It was amazingly well directed and though a relatively small stage, I could not believe how well every actor and actress performed on it.

Though it would have been amazing to go and see the live show itself, it was just as amazing to be able to at least watch it… even if it was on a big screen.

Now I don’t want to drone on about Tom as they did in the interview, because though I agree he is the sexiest man alive, he isn’t the only actor in the play. But the part he played was played brilliantly, the shower scene was a particular favourite but when he kissed his enemy Tullus I could not help turning to my friend and seeing the look on my face mirrored on hers. She whispered “OTP” and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Then ending was one none of us expected, and for minutes we all sat there with our mouths hanging open and not aware of how to express our ‘feels’.

Coriolanus is by far a brilliant play, with funny and witty lines and tragedy thrown in. It is a play that will leave you shocked for a long time and I hope everyone that wants to see it has seen it or gotten the chance to or soon will be.

Coriolanus staring Tom Hiddleston

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