New Year, New ‘you’

It’s not even the new year yet, but some how I find myself thinking of the new year and some resolutions I’d like to make. Now I could make the obvious ones, such as, “Get fit and toned”, “Give up chocolate” and “Fulfil my dreams”.

Well giving up chocolate is never going to fucking happen for me, as it’s one of my main food groups, so maybe getting fit is a possibility. I don’t mean getting fit like Olympic fit, I mean fit as in I don’t spew my lungs everywhere after running 100 metres. That is one I defiantly need to make happen in the new year… sports day is coming up soon!

Another one is, to stop being bitter. I am a very bitter and negative person a lot of the time, and being around people who are happier than me, even if I am happy myself, is extremely difficult but I’d like to try and improve in some way. Maybe just be happy with what I’ve got and who I am, that seems like a damn good place to start.

Another is that I’d really love to start getting my Tumblr noticed, maybe so I reach a hundred followers, and I’d love to see this blog with more than a view a month. Still unsure of how that will happen, but it’s a working progress I’d like to kick-start soon.

A final one is that I really, really want to start focusing more. I feel myself slipping, and if bad tracking reports weren’t showing that then the amount of last minute homework being done on the yard must do. Since year 10 started I feel so bored and lost, everything makes sense, but I just can’t be bothered to do it anymore. Watching AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire and Emma Blackery is what I do instead of that essay that’s in for tomorrow and is over 1000 words and in Spanish.

(This was all brought on because it’s night time and I get philosophical around 9-12 pm)

2014 New Year, New you!

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