Merry Christmas to the people reading this now, you’re awesome!

This year I was up at 5 am, before waking my parents at 6. Finally dragging them out of bed, we moved downstairs, made a cuppa and watched some music videos on TV. Then we turned our attention to the presents.

Not only did I get more than what I wanted this year, I also got to be with the best family. They have surprised me so much this year and made me a lot happier by just being around.

This Christmas, my hauling was:

Ted, Lord of The Rings hardbacks, The Last of Us, COD, Black Flag, Batman Collection, The Hobbit – Movie book, onesie, The Walking Dead game and a few other bits and bobs.

Christmas 2013 at my house… My fringe was really short

Merry Christmas from the Horton house, I hope you got everything you wished for and more!


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