The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Movie Review)

The Hobbit is both a well known book and a well loved movie. The second section of the film was the best sequel, and was perfect in every way. Thorin has definitely become one of my favourite characters, and I’m not the type to like guys with long hair…. or are 5 ft tall!

If you’re looking for a suspense filled action movie, with fantasy and dragons then this is the film you should see. The only problem is you’ll have to have a strong bladder, because by the end it’s pretty hard not to be sat cross legged willing them to just kill the god damn dragon already. Speaking of Smaug when I heard Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice I made the most inhuman sound that has ever been made, seriously, half the cinema turned around to see who had shot a moose.

Obviously The Hobbit is not for everyone, but I do think everyone who has brain cells and a good taste in films will enjoy the hell out of this film :

The Hobbit posters… and a table

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