Work out

Like most 14 year olds, I enjoy sitting on my computer and doing jack shit. It’s been bred into me. But I’m beginning to realise that if I don’t want my fat rolls to start talking, getting up off my chair once in a while to restock my food pile isn’t going to help. Neither will getting up and laying on the floor, deciding to occasionally do a sit up or press up.

To some people’s surprise, though I don’t look it, I’m around 13-14 stone. I’m so fed up with that.

Now, I’m not one for routine. The only thing I have that resembles a routine is me having to get up for school before 7am and going to bed before 12am. Everything else I allow to happen when it does. So I know I defiantly can’t go to the gym and make it a regular thing because I’d fucking forget.

This leaves me with two other options. 1/ do fuck all and carry on until they lift me from my house by crane OR 2/ I do something about it!

I think I’m going to go with option 2. Though I love sitting around doing nothing, watching Dan & Phil and watching Starkid I think I might need to get off my ass.

So I’m going to try and do my bit. I can’t do a lot but taking the dogs out a bit more often, walking around more, drinking more water, eating less and doing a bit of exercise might just help shed the extra pounds. But I think it might just kill me doing it.

Or maybe my fat will become the little fat blobs from Doctor Who…. that would be amazing!

What I hope the future might bring

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