2 detentions in one lesson

5th day back at school and some how, it really wasn’t my day. Have you ever had that feeling where you just guess everything will go wrong? Well today was that… all in one.

So it started on the yard before school had started and I was going through all the swear words we had already said in 10 minutes (literally I was shouting them) and my form russian form tutor was stood ten feet away. First hurdle of the day that I tripped upon.

Then my first lesson was Science (physics). So I got to class and then sir said “Get out your homework!” Holy crap I’d forgotten it. And I’d actually done it but it was at home on my bed. *face palm* so I told him calmly that I’d forgotten it and he said “I believe you but I have to give you a break detention.” I wasn’t the only one and 5 others had gotten them too. So I was already pissed at him for giving me that detention. Then half way through the lesson I had to stick something in and I borrowed a glue from my friend who was in the other aisle. She chucked the glue at me and I used it. 10 minutes later she wanted it back. Now sir has a policy that is “No walking, no throwing and ask.” So I couldn’t go around the class room to give her the glue so I lobbed it at her and he turned around and saw me. “Detention!” He shouted. Half the class up roared in protest (like we always do) and me and my other friend started saying “Well if we can’t walk around or throw anything how is the other person supposed to get it?”

So I had ANOTHER detention. 2 detentions in 1 hour from the same teacher… my day was going so unwell. And it’s been like that all day – I just wanna go to bed.

Hope you had fun laughing at my idiocy 🙂



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