First day back

Holy crap today was so weird. The new building was ‘finished’ and it was so strange. I managed to get myself lost twice and the first time was within the first 5 minutes of the day. I needed to get to the maths block and ended up at science. I was 10 minutes late. Ahh *face palm*

Lessons were different because as usual the school system had failed us. New record, whoop whop. My teachers were even worse than before two weeks off.

Also I got some results today from my ‘progress tests’ I got 87/100 and 81/100 on my two maths exams, an A in English but a big fat E in physics. Holy hell I am not passing that. I’m not impressed with that but I didn’t do the worse, half of our class got F’s.

*walk of shame*

First day back and I spent most of it writing fan fiction in my head and thinking of Loki. This term is going to be lots of fun.



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