Back to school!

Wah! Tomorrow I’m back to school 😦 even though our school had an extra week off because of building being done to the school… oh well.

Being off is great! Literally for two weeks I have got up late, eaten, stayed on tumblr, played about with youtube and photoshop. Then go to bed at 3 am then repeat. Every. Single. Day. And it was so cool! No more late nights on week days

Also I’m not looking forward to going back because we get out exam results (ahh). Now most schools won’t have their exams until the end of year 11, but because my school are giant over-protective praying mantis’s we have to take tests for every subject; at the end of every half-term. So I have 8 subjects that do these tests. 6 terms = 12 half-terms. 8×12= 96

I have give or take 96 exams. I like school… just not exams

Why so many exams???

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