Bathing The Rats

My once a week tradition came around today (yay)! Bathing my 4 male rats who hate the bath 😀

Now that they are out of the bath, shampooed and smell lovely they have taken to peeing on each other like the charming gentlemen they are.

In the photo below, from left to right we have: Chandler, Joey (one at the back), Bandit (oldest) and Asa…. he has weight issues

Chandler, Joey, Bandit and Asa

They’re really sweet and often people just say they’re disgusting animals. In fact their clean, sweet and so entertaining to watch. I love them so dearly, and will be devastated when they’re gone. But before that dreadful day happens I get a few more years with them.

If you have a teen (like me) who wants responsibility or a pet, you should get them a few rats. They’re beautiful creatures


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