Thor: Dark World (Movie Review)

So Wednesday night me and my friend Jennifer went to go and see Thor: Dark World … Oh my it is the best film of the year – nope century!

Could not get over it. I’ve just been replaying scenes in my head for the past few days. Seriously, you don’t even have to like Marvel or fancy the pants off of Loki to go and enjoy this film. Though everyone fancies the pants of Loki… Right?

Hmm. Loki of Sassgard was obviously the best part of this whole entire film. But Thor and his mighty hammer was just as amazing to watch when Loki was absent from the screen. Though I have to say, going to a cinema that has a balcony was not the best choice. Because when all you want to do is leap out of your seat and hug the hell out of the characters it is not a good health and safety choice.

The film was amazing, and you should really go and see this. By far the best film and my favourite of the year.

And if I didn’t mention before, Loki is one hot piece of ass! One of the main reasons I went along to see this film :

Thor: The Dark World posters

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